Step 1

Well first off go to the actual store or online store where you can see and play with all the new phones. The online store gives you a pretty good overview of the phones and its features but not everything. The actual store will let you use the phone too so you can see how it is. Verizon Wireless have a lot of options for messaging phones including the enV Touch, Nokia Twist, Samsung Rogue, Alias 2, and Razzle.On the online store they will give you good information and the price but for more info on how it works you need step 2.

Step 2

The next step on finding good info on Verizon Messaging phones is through cell phone review websites. Try cnet.com where you can type in any phone and research it. They will give u a short video review and a written review of the phone. They cover a lot even how good the phone sounds in a call and how the pictures look like. Second website you should check out is Phonedog.com where they also have videos and written reviews. Phonedog goes into great depth in how the phone works.

Step 3

This goes along with step 2 and that is looking at videos on the phone on youtube. Why would you not see how the phone works, this can be of big help to you. You might think the phone works one way but in reality it does not. Seeing a person review the phone on youtube will give you so much understanding about the phone.
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